Workshop Series with Campbell County Middle School

TradesNKY is excited about launching a series of workshops with the Camel Construction Crew, a Campbell County Middle School Club. This program is a 4 week / 4 part series of workshops that will introduce the students to a variety of tools and teach them how to safely use those tools in order to build.

Programs like these provide invaluable ways for young students to discover and explore opportunities in the skilled trades through project based learning. Students will have fun while building projects of their choice.

Week 1 Workshop:

  • Introduction To Tools
  • Learning Skills – How to Use The Tools
  • Safety

Week 2 & 3 Workshop:

  • Further Skill Development
  • Use the tools and skills from Week 1 Workshop to build one of 3 projects.
    • Picture Frame
    • Trophy Shelf’
    • Planter

Week 4 Workshop:

  • Build Burn Houses for Fire Departments

Trades NKY would like to thank our friends, partners, sponsors and volunteers that make these events possible through donating their time and/or material resources.

Special thanks to Aaron Caudill & The Camel Construction Crew and Principal Moore & Campbell County Middle School for allowing us to help prepare the next generation of skilled working Men and Women.

Campbell County Area Technology Center – material preparation, volunteering / mentoring

ABC Supply Co. Inc. – donating plywood

AnyWeather Restoration & 859 BoardUp – donating materials, projects, and volunteering / mentoring

Nailed It DIY Studio – volunteering / mentoring

AnyWeather Roofing and AnyWeather Heating & Air – volunteering / mentoring