Week 1 Skills Workshop – Camel Construction Crew

In the first week of this TradesNKY workshop series the Camel Construction Crew, a Campbell County Middle School Club, is introduced to a variety of tools. They will learn how to use them and important safety guidelines when using them. These skills will then be used in the following weeks as they build projects.

TradesNKY values project based learning and is excited to watch these students learn the skills that they will then use to build items of their choice during the next 3 weeks.

Learning Skills & Tool Introduction Week 1 Outline:

5 Stations, 6 Kids per station, 15 Minutes per station

Station 1 – Reading a Tape Measure

  • Identify Markings
  • Complete Tape Measure Worksheet
  • Mark Measurements on a board

Station 2  – Using a Handsaw and Miter Box

  • Safety with Saw
  • 90 Straight cut
  • 45 Mitre cut – 2-45’s = 90

Station 3 – Hammer and Nails

  • Let the hammer do the work
  • 20 roofing nails
  • 10 – 16’s
  • 10 – 8’s

Station 4 – Safety

  • PPE
  • Hand Placement
  • Knots
  • Understanding the safety mechanism
  • Nail placement practice

Station 5 – Using a Drill 

  • Introduction to cordless drill
  • Safety Guidelines

Trades NKY would like to thank our friends, partners, sponsors and volunteers that made this event possible through donating their time and materials.

Special thanks to Aaron Caudill & The Camel Construction Crew and Principal Moore & Campbell County Middle School for allowing us to help prepare the next generation of skilled working men and women.

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